Yandex.Mail for a domain FREE

Yandex.Mail for a domain FREE

Why Yandex.Mail for a domain?

Yandex.Mail for a domain is a free email hosting service. Clean mail without spam or viruses. Any number of email accounts, unlimited storage space, anti-virus and spam protection, and accessible on the web and with email clients. Free DNS hosting.

Use Yandex.Mail for your domain free of charge for effective communication between the employees of your organization.

At your disposal

  • Required number of mailboxes (by default 1,000, to get more, contact our Support Service)
  • A convenient interface for managing mail accounts (blocking mailboxes of dismissed and the creation of mailboxes for new employees, changing passwords, etc.)
  • You can use your organization’s logo in the Mail’s web interface.
  • 10 GB on Yandex.Disk


  • Unlimited-size mailbox
  • Reliable anti-spam and virus system
  • Access to mail through the web interface (from any computer) and mail programs using POP3/IMAP protocols
  • Access to mail from mobile devices
  • A calendar for organizing your work day, scheduling meetings, and creating a to-do list
  • Convenient tools for working with messages in the web interface (previewing office documents, downloading all files as one archive, filters and labels for convenient sorting of correspondence, and much else).
  • Many other capabilities (default addressdomain aliases).

Connecting a domain — Yandex.Mail for a domain

Add CNAME for verifcation of your account in DNS configuration 
Then Add MX record


Connecting a domain — Yandex.Mail for a domain


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