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I love SourceTree from Atlassian. But this is my personal opinion. The main down side is that every user in a company needs a personal account.

There is an old Player: TortoiseGIT. But I’m not a fan of this tool. There are to much points to see that it comes from TortoiseSVN and it feels more like SVN over Git…

Git Client SmartGit is a Client with a longer history. It’s a client with a lot of features. But it’s not free for commercial projects.

A new client is GitKraken. It is one of the youngest tool Git GUI. (Started Nov 2015) So, there will be some points, but it has some great features and a lot of keyboard shortcuts. And the main benefit: It runs on all major systems: Windows, OSX and Linux.

And: There is the official Git GUI client. But… don’t try it 😉

There are some others, visit Git – GUI Clients for more information.

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