Prefix Trace Return Features Highlighted

Stackify Prefix

What is Prefix?

Prefix is free lightweight profiler for .NET & Java developers. It runs on their workstation and gives them details about what their code is doing while creating or testing their apps. I always described Prefix as the world’s best log viewer for developers. By ASP.NET web request you can see all your log statements plus many other details. For example, it can show you how long a request takes, what SQL queries were executed, HTTP calls, exceptions and much more.

Prefix Trace Return Features Highlighted

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Enabling the Stackify HTTP Module

Option 1: Edit your csproj file to force IIS Express to use the global applicationHost.config which will already have the Stackify module registered in it.


Option 2: Add our HTTP module to the applicationHost.config for your solution/project located in “.vsconfigapplicationHost.config” as shown below. Add it under system.webServer modules, not to be confused with globalModules which is different.

Option 3: Add our HTTP module as a reference to your project and configure it on your web.config file. It is safe to deploy the module with your app. It doesn’t do anything on servers where Stackify Prefix or APM is not present. Be sure to include the part of the config in case your app gets used on your PC or a server which has the module installed in IIS. Install our package via nuget:

PM>Install-Package StackifyHttpModule

The package will add the module as a reference to your project. Make sure your web.config is modified to include our module. It should look something like what is shown below:

    <!-- Other modules may exist before or after the Stackify Prefix modules. Do not remove any others. -->
    <remove name="StackifyModule_Net40" />
    <add name="StackifyModule_Net40" type="StackifyHttpTracer.StackifyHttpModule,StackifyHttpTracer, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=93c44ce23f2048dd" preCondition="managedHandler,runtimeVersionv4.0" />



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