Installing and Configuring Web Deploy on IIS 8.0 or Later

  1. Download the Web Platform Installer.
  2. Open Web PI.
  3. Select the Web Deploy that you want, and then click Add.
  1. On the Prerequisites page, click I accept.
  2. After the installation has completed, click Finish.


Using the IIS Manager to configure Web Deploy for a Non-Administrator

The following steps configure publishing on an existing site for an existing user using the IIS Manager UI.

  1. Start IIS Manager (open Server Manager, click Tools, and then open IIS Manager.
  2. Expand the Sites node and click a site.
  3. In the Management area of the site’s home pane, double-click IIS Manager Permissions
  4. In the Actions pane, click Allow User
  5. In the Allow User… dialog box, with Windows selected, click Select.
  6. In the Select User or Group dialog box, in Enter the object name to select, enter the name of a non-administrator Windows user who will have publishing permissions to the site, with domain. Click Check Names, and then after the name has been verified, click OK.
  7. In the Allow User… dialog box, click OK.
  8. Verify that the name with domain is entered in the IIS Manager Permissions pane.
  9. Right-click the site that you are configuring, point to Deploy, and then click Configure Web Deploy Publishing…. The following UI will appear:Note: If the Deploy command is not shown in the menu for a site, close and then reopen IIS Manager.

  10. Click the down arrow for Select a user to give publishing permissions, and select the user that you entered for IIS Manager Permissions.
  11. Click Setup.The following log lines will appear:
  • Publish enabled for ‘NonAdminUser’
  • Granted ‘NonAdminUser’ full control on C:\inetpub\wwwroot\test
  • Successfully created settings file C:\Users\janedoe\Desktop\CONTOSO\_johndoe\_Default Web Site.PublishSettings

The non-administrator Windows user (NonAdminUser) may now publish to the site.

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