Lazydocker docker cli dashboard

The lazier way to manage everything docker forks.11,167 stars.36 open issues.Recent commits: update docs, lazydocker bot Merge pull request #150 from Duske/patch-1fix german notion of volumes, GitHub Merge pull request #145 from anjiawei1991/masteradd image to conatiner view., GitHub Merge pull request #130 from winhung/limit-scrollingscrolling does not go beyond the displayed text #31, GitHub fix german notion of volumesAfaik, […]

From bare-metal to Kubernetes

I am impressed about this great journey and because i faced the same scenarios and followed the same steps I’m sharing this post from   Betabrand is a retail clothing company and crowdfunding platform, based in San Francisco. The company designs, manufactures, and releases new products in limited quantities each week. How migrating Betabrand‘s bare-metal infrastructure to a Kubernetes […]

Deploy dotnet Core MVC on Ubuntu with Supervisor

Introduction I Just purchased a Linux VPS and started to install dotnet core on it and use it for deploying dotnet core apps Removing Apache Most of Linux vps comes with apache so first step is to remove it. sudo service apache2 stop sudo apt-get purge apache2 sudo apt-get autoremove Finally, check if there is any configuration files […]

How to Set Up Kubernetes on an Ubuntu VPS

Do you want to learn how to set up Kubernetes on Ubuntu? Keep reading this article! Kubernetes is a powerful open-source platform for automatic scaling, deployment, and management of containerized systems. It’s a robust application that groups containers into logic units making it easy to discover and manage them across multiple clusters of hosts. Kubernetes has many pieces […]

Build and Deploy an ASP .Net Core Web Application as Docker Container using Microsoft Azure

Introduction This is the final part in the series of articles about building an ASP .Net Core Web Application and deploying it as a Docker container using Microsoft Azure. Here, we are going to setup a Microsoft Azure DevOps release pipeline to automate the deployment of our application as a container on Azure Web App Service. If you have been following […]

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