git clients

I love SourceTree from Atlassian. But this is my personal opinion. The main down side is that every user in a company needs a personal account. There is an old Player: TortoiseGIT. But I’m not a fan of this tool. There are to much points to see that it comes from TortoiseSVN and it feels more like SVN over Git… Git […]

How to use gitlab or any git provider with visual studio

Hello, To use gitlab or whatever git provider follow theses steps Make your project as git repository by executing the command git init Move to Team Explorer tab and click on changes   Add your commit message and then commit changes. Select Remote Repository Copy the HTTPS url of your repository from git provider like gitlab Add the […]

Gitlab Working with non-default SSH key pair paths 

Working with non-default SSH key pair paths If you used a non-default file path for your GitLab SSH key pair, you must configure your SSH client to find your GitLab private SSH key for connections to your GitLab server (perhaps For your current terminal session you can do so using the following commands (replacing other_id_rsa with your private SSH key): […]