New API development solution

Standard Library is the fastest way to build, ship, host, document, scale and integrate with APIs without the headache of managing infrastructure and complicated toolchains. See how our serverless platform is changing software development — from internal tools to external developer APIs. is an online code editor. It was carefully hand-crafted to power API development: specialized for […]

Building a Serverless Web App on AWS Services

Introduction In this tutorial, you’ll learn to build a simple web application using the following AWS Services: AWS DynamoDB as the database AWS Lambda to create functions that will read and write from/to the database AWS API Gateway to create the REST API that the web application will use AWS S3 to host the web application AWS CloudFront to deliver the web application […]

Intro to GraphQL

Welcome to MERN full-stack tutorial series with GraphQL! By the end of this course, we’re going to build a chat SPA with a Node.js server using Express.js, MongoDB database engine, React.js front-end, and GraphQL API back-end. We will also architecture our GraphQL web service with Apollo Server and Apollo Client v2, and will implement routing with React Router […]

AWS Lambda Go vs. Node.js performance benchmark

AWS Lambda Go vs. Node.js performance benchmark: updated 🔥 AWS Lambda Go vs. Node.js performance benchmark: updated 🔥 Just this week AWS announced the release of Go for their Lambda service. Source: Test Code: S3 and Dynamo interaction As mentioned in the comments, the Fibonacci sequence is nice as a starter but doesn’t really represent a real […]