Modern Frontend Developer in 2018 Before we begin with this post, just to give you an idea about me and about this roadmap; I have been doing the Fullstack Development for the past 5 years and currently working as a lead engineer at tajawal where I have to wear many different hats. It is not only my hobby but also one of my job responsibilities to […]

Common ajax caller in javascript

// Common ajax caller function AjaxCall(url,successfunction){ var targetUrl=url; $.ajax({ ‘url’: targetUrl, ‘type’: ‘GET’, ‘dataType’: ‘json’, ‘success’: successfunction, ‘error’: function() { alert(“error”); } }); } // Calling Ajax $(document).ready(function() { AjaxCall(“productData.txt”,ajaxSuccessFunction); }); // Function details of success function function ajaxSuccessFunction(d){ alert(d.Pioneer.Product[0].category); }