async/await – What You Should Know

Introduction Sometimes, we use new technologies while we are not aware of the bottlenecks and weird parts of that technology which eventually might trap us in bad situations like deadlocks which may be really hard to track. What exactly happens in Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP), what are the improvements since .NET 4.0, how may we introduce a deadlock and […]

Dotnet-Boxed Very good template

.NET project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going faster. Technology Map The ASP.NET Core API project template contains the following features: Optional Feature Selection The ASP.NET Core API project template uses dotnet new to enable you to turn features of the project template on or off. Literally everything can be […]

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certification Program Overview Currently there are six paths you can follow. As you can see in the diagram below, these cover all Microsoft products and technologies. Microsoft Certifications Overview In particular: Mobility Path: Acquire the necessary skills to deploy mobility management solutions for large businesses. Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Path: Get certified to use the Microsoft Cloud Platform infrastructure […]

Fastest way to create instance of a Type in Runtime C#

When working with refactoring and loading and creating instances of types in run time using c# the important factor you should take care of is the performance and time needed to create this instance. we always need to create objects of a type and we should use the method that will not take too much time to create […]

Difference between static class and singleton pattern?

Static Class:- You cannot create the instance of static class. Loaded automatically by the .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR) when the program or namespace containing the class is loaded. Static Class cannot have constructor. We cannot pass the static class to method. We cannot inherit Static class to another Static class in C#. A class having all […]