Building Secure ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Introduction Building secure distributed Web applications is challenging. There’s nothing more exciting than creating a fancy web application. What isn’t as exciting, however, is the security risk involved. When it comes to web application development in today’s increasingly digitized, mobilized, Internet-of-Things world, security measures can no longer be the afterthoughts they once were. With distributed applications, you have a lot […]

How to install Active Directory && Connect to AD using C#

  using System; using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement; namespace AD1 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { ActiveDirectory ac = new ActiveDirectory(); Console.WriteLine(“Login : ” + ac.Login(“[email protected]”, “x”)); Console.WriteLine(“Search For eramax : ” + ac.Search(“eramax”)); Console.WriteLine(“Search For [email protected] : ” + ac.SearchByEmail(“[email protected]”)); Console.WriteLine(“Print All Users in AD” ); ac.GetAllUsers(); Console.ReadLine(); } } public class ActiveDirectory { private static string […]

My Tasks in Security checklist

Injections  (’ or ‘1’=’1) Broken Authentication and session managements XSS Insecure data object notations security misconfiguration Sensitive data exposures Missing Function Level Access Control CSRF Using components with known vulnerability unvalidate redirects and forwards HTTP header injection Clickjacking Directory listing user-agent Content spoofing Cross-domain AJAX request security headers Some S3 Buckets are world readable SPF/DMARC records subdomain takeover […]