The new programming language for web apps Imba

if ruby and react had an indentation-based child, what would it look like? Imba is a new programming language for the web that compiles to performant and readable JavaScript. It has language level support for defining, extending, subclassing, instantiating and rendering dom nodes. 

A plea for lean software: 6 Lessons I learned to help keep software simple

Preface Recently, I was browsing the codebase of my company and saw that it has three versions of dashboards for an analytics page in it. I am pretty sure that customers don’t need that. This sparked something in my naive brain and I started exploring the internet for related ideas. That’s when I found this age-old paper, A Plea […]

What’s in a Production Web Application?

Getting Started Launch Day Performance Problems Growing the Team Smooth Sailing Outro Early in my career, I worked at a company that built web content management systems. Their product helped marketing departments self-manage their own websites, instead of relying on developers to make every change. This product helped their customers reduce operational expenses, and it helped me learn […]

Web Architecture 101

The basic architecture concepts I wish I knew when I was getting started as a web developer Modern web application architecture overview The above diagram is a fairly good representation of our architecture at Storyblocks. If you’re not an experienced web developer, you’ll likely find it complicated. The walk through below should make it more approachable before we […]