Lazydocker docker cli dashboard

The lazier way to manage everything docker 514 forks. 14,240 stars. 56 open issues. Recent commits: Merge pull request #204 from jesseduffield/remove-rollbarremove rollbar, GitHub remove rollbar, Jesse Duffield Merge pull request #203 from jesseduffield/fix-cpureduce CPU usage caused by tickers, GitHub reduce cpu usage caused by tickers, Jesse Duffield bump gocui, Jesse Duffield

How To Get An In Depth Insight Of Your Code With NDepend static analysis tool

As a software developer, you may have come across a situation where you need to measure the quality the source code you have at hand. How well is the code written ? is it easily maintainable ? and similar important questions. Obviously, you don’t want to go through each line of code in the whole project to determine […]

map vs filter vs reduce – map all values to an expression. 1] Expression value + 1 is applied to every item in the original array. 2] .map() returns a modified copy of the array leaving original untouched. 3] Result: [2,3,4,5,6,7,8] (a copy of the original array is created.) Array.filter – keep all that match a condition. NOTE: there is a small mistake in the animation. It should return [6,7], not [6,7,8]. I’ll fix it shortly. . . […]

From bare-metal to Kubernetes

I am impressed about this great journey and because i faced the same scenarios and followed the same steps I’m sharing this post from   Betabrand is a retail clothing company and crowdfunding platform, based in San Francisco. The company designs, manufactures, and releases new products in limited quantities each week. How migrating Betabrand‘s bare-metal infrastructure to a Kubernetes […]

Algorithm Visualizer

Algorithm Visualizer is an interactive online platform that visualizes algorithms from code. Learning algorithms from text and static images is quite boring. There have been many great websites that view animations of various algorithms though, for us being coders, nothing can be more comprehensible than visualizing the actual working code.    


A tiny, mighty ESP32 development board Source : TinyPICO is the world’s smallest, fully-featured ESP32 development board, designed to give you access to the power of the ESP32’s dual core 240 MHz processor and internet connectivity, all in a package smaller than your thumb! Why We Made TinyPICO There are quite a few ESP32 boards on the […]