3 Leading Enterprise Low-Code App Development Platforms Compared

It’s no secret that enterprise mobile and Web app development is being transformed by a new class of tools enabling non-programming “citizen developers” to meet the insatiable demand for apps amid a shortage of coding pros. These tools have many names — such as rapid-application development (RAD), low-code and even no-code — but they typically feature functionality such […]

How to Test Junior Laravel Developer Skills: Sample Project

While expanding my team and working with potential junior developers, I’ve come up with a few tasks to test their practical knowledge. There’s not much value in quizzes or interviews – let them create one simple project. From start to finish. So here’s an example of such project, you can use it for your own needs. We need to […]

How can bitcoin compete in the money transfer market?

How can bitcoin compete in the money transfer market? With all of the ways to transfer money — from banking to peer-to-peer platforms — can bitcoin compete? Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows people to pay for things electronically. It’s billed as a method to help people avoid the typical downsides to transferring money, such as high […]

How we built Hamiltix.net for less than $1 a month on AWS

The details of running a complex ticket ranking site for under a dollar a month on AWS Ok not quite $1… After the free-tier expires it will be less than $5, but the fact remains: it’s crazy cheap. Background Hamilton the musical is hot. Really hot. With crazy high ticket prices, finding the best deal should be easy, especially […]

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